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If you ride with us, people may think you're weird, huh.

24hr 2005
Multi Cultural Festival Parade 2006
RPOz meets RPUK
Phase Two
To Adelaide for a Tallbike Convention
Sydney(ish) to The Gong
24hr 2006
Black Tie
SummerRats 2007
Byron Manor :)
Cycling Central
Rat FLOATilla 2007
Bell Weekend
Lonely Planet Coup
Black Friday Ride
Ride-in Movies & Double Rat Initiation Ride
CorinBomb 2007
Charchie Brownfinger is 40
Tall Four Ride
Corinbank Postery Madness
Welcome Johnny Payphone Ride
SummerRats 2008
Dodgem Bike Test Lab Ride
CorinBomb 2008
SS Mitzie Payphone Voyage
Treasure Hunt Ride
Rat 'Lympics 2008
Monocle Chunder Induction Ride
Sydney to Gong Ride 2008
Roughcut Naming Ride: Truth is a Malleable Resource
Wet Up Ya Box!
A Tight Fit for a Queen: the Speedy Lovelace Naming Ride
Barnsey, Farnsey, shattered dreams and sideshow screams — the birth of Shirley Schlongtime Fun Faktory


The extinguishment that had to happen

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