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Functional Art

We make freakbikes; some look good, some work well, and some even do both. Much beer consumed in a short time often allows function to follow form — that makes sense!

Here lies a chronological selection of freakbikes created by Rat Patrol Oz....

Chopper I (chopper)
Wheelf ("Wheelchair Friendly" – chopper)
Descending to Darkness (chopper)
Guvna Boing (girl chopper)
Master Gravity Esquire (sociable cargo double tall)
Pollyanna (dragster)
The Penthouse (tall)
Schlooooong Bike (limo bike)
Disaster Area (triple-high tall with rear 'flex' suspension)
Secret Mens Business (tall)
Bebbe Bike (mini tall chopper trike)
Yo Moma (tandem tall with rear suspension)
Blood's Chopper (Bloody Mary's chopper)
Zed's Dead (full suspension chopper)
Sproing Bike (full suspension off-road chopper)
Petal Power (mini tall)
French Tickler (tall chopper)
Blue Steel (tall)
Chlopper (Cap'n Flapper's chopper)
Pussy Galore (medium tall)
SS MItzie (amphibious tall couch trike)
Split Pea (foldable chopper)
The Anachronaut (gent's Steampunk tallbike)
Dodgem Bikes (spin bikes for pedestrians)
Penny Fake Thang (Paytard special)
Surfbike (Aussie specialialist bike)
Bucking Bronco (MTB with off-centred wheels)
Roobomb (pixie with roo bar)
The Impala Impaler (long reverse chopper)
Will Robinson (generic cargo trike)
The Glass Tower (tallbike)
Jasmine Bennett (medium tall)
Train Wreck (tallbike)
Kim Chi Rocket (beer-carrying tallbike)
Moderately Tall (tandem half-tallbike)
The Exorcisor (Backwards reversible excercise bike)
Disaster Recovery (High tallbike using Hex Power technology (HPT))


Rat Lab:::

This is a place where we throw freakbike creation ideas around...

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Feature Creation...

Disaster Area 2: Disaster recovery

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