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Fully-fledged members

These are not your ordinary guys, because we are chicks too.

See below for an A-Z list of highly intelligent ones who did what they had to, to become an Oz Rat. "Yeah, that was us"

Angel Ironhead ?


Bloody Mary

Location: Wollongong / Canbi

Profile Views: 41


Brandi Wrekt'em

Location: 'Berra
Occupation: Random Man
Quote: "Nobody likes a smartarse. Oops."
Heroes: Nikola Tesla, Freddie Mercury, Hunter S Thompson
Distinguishing features: Prolapsed eardrums from standing next to Marshall stacks; "RPOz" branded on right buttcheek (wanna see?)


Brazen Buck Blowout V

AKA: 5 Buck
Location: In da house
Occupation: Scientist
Quote: "Anyone got a puncture kit?" and "Oh no, has anyone got a five buck note??"
Heroes: The Rat Patrol


Busta Wonky

Location: da 'Berra and da Land of da Freeeeeee — weee!!

Loves: Surprises; Dark bushes; Chocolate; The Constabulary; Wine by the bottle; walking when she's way too smashed to ride


Charchie Brown Finger

Location: Melbourne

Occupation: being the most wikidest mo fo hoe, innit
Industry: you is asking that jus cos I is black

"I just fired myself from further commentry in email"



Cunstable Willy Shonka

Location: da 'Berra, da mountains, da gutter

Likes: To blame his tools; Unaligned head tubes; Wild Places; Bustin Wonkies; Homebrew, homebrew and more homebrew.
Favourite Expression: "Farkin' amatuers!"


Darf Bender

Location: nirvana
Likes: evil and nasty people
Dislikes: hippies.


G Banger

Location: as if she'd tell you

Blurb: Busy, busy, busy, if shes not looking after her gorgeous 8 yr old she's working, studying, riding her bike, rollerblading, talking... yes that's right, reading, and just relatively enjoying life to its fullest and always smiling...
Motto: Smile, it's contagious :D
Music: plenty of it!



Location: Canberra : ACT : Australia

28, chick, Scorpio, Year of the Horse, God, Allah etc... yep thats me
Favorite Music: eytis?? (you know I do...)
Favorite Books: life of pi??? Oh and the 89th anual hippopotomus race


Harold Paytard

Location: Land of the 'Free' (or somewhere else)
Occupation: doing all things freakbikery, getting very drunk, sharing his wisdom and knowledge; spreading the word.


Limp Jimmy

Location: a nice place

Survival: Graphic Designer (whatever the fuk that is to you)
Occupations: stuff, lots of stuff
Descripition: not religious, kinda sceptical, kinda special, extremely attractive


Leaky Beaver (aka. Soggy Box)

Location: somewhere outside of Australia
Occupation: starting another Rat Patrol Chapter in Canada
Descripition: tough guy, scared of snakes


Loose Brown

Location: ACT, Australia
Interests: Freakbikes; Rat Patrol Oz; Homebrew; women, men, beer


Monocle Chunder

Location: sometimes NSW, sometimes USA.
Quote: "It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt, then it's just fun!"


Nancy Porker

Location: _winks_ 

Occupation: _winks_
Looks like: a madman with an afro
Smells like: sauerkraut the day after
Rides like: a fat maniac o/d-ing on diet pills
Likes like: _winks_; long walks on the beach; people who smoke (they’re tough and cool); all things “tough” and “cool”; having the hardest arse in rat patrol (challengers to the crown always welcome!); Scrujette; Sorry ladies (and cute boys) – Nancy Porker is taken.


Roughcut Richard (aka. Michael Bolt-on)

Location: perhaps it's better if you don't know
Occupation: oh, nobody knows!
Quote: "Thanks for being you..."
Heroes: The Rat Patrol


Schloppy Whaxoff

Location: Here or there...
Occupation: Greenie pub servant
Quote: Don't fok wit da patrol, fool!
Heroes: Super Ted, crazy dudes on freak bikes
Distinguishing features: Known to fall off choppers lots once fed loads o' holy water...



Location: The Flying Pigsty
Blurb: How to choose which of her pretty (and tough) bikes to ride?
Motto: Helmets are cool!
Likes: Beer; summer; that guy with the hardest @rse in rat patrol
Stuff: I wonder if I can knit a bike?


Shirley Schlongtime Fun Faktory

Location: Enroute to Newcastle
Occupation: KK Klub Fun Faktory Manager
Quote: "Are we there yet?!?" and "Farken eh G’areh!"
Heroes: The Rat Patrol


Small Boat Alert

Name: Small Boat Alert
Location: Unknown
Motto: Environmental stickers don't mean shit when they're stuck to cars
Stuff: Don't go camping with Limp


Socket Gar'eh

Location: on the ground, knows what's going down. Just like Loose Brown, uh. Yeah. Uh.


Speedy Lovelace (aka. Queen of Kapooka)

Location: The planet Mars
Motto: Clive Steele was never gonna get through...
Occupation: Doing poos and wees — thinking it's funny too.


Toad Haul

Location: France (that's in Europe)


Two Humpz

"That's right..."


Victor 2stroke

Easily the best aqua rider in Rat Patrol Oz. Owns a triple-high tallbike and a girlfriend with a hot panel van. Bike making wizard something special!



YoofRats are ones who have built a freakbike, but are less than 18 years of age, so legally prohibited from drinking alcohol... here lies a great Rat Patrol quandry; for without beer or hard liquor, where is the beauty in a Rat Induction????? Of course, that's a rhetorical question — there is no beauty. So, we are not quite sure what to do about this... so they don't have Rat Names proper, and haven't been properly initiated into the service yet... but they will be!!


YoofRat_1 (formerly known as Josh)

Location: Canbi

Blurb: not old enuff to drink alcohol!
Motto: I'm not quite old enuff to drink alcohol!
Stuff: skool shit


YoofRat_2: Cap'n Flapper

Location: Inner North

Blurb: I go completely CRAZY on red cordial!
Motto: I'm 13 years old, and I DO WHAT I WANT!
Stuff: skool n' bike shtuff



It's a kind of honorary membership. They are the ones who somehow manage to get themselves counted as Rats proper, yet don't have to do a freakin' thing to prove it. How they manage to do that?? Bearely worth a photo, except that we love them dearly. Anyways, here they are...


Red Rocko

High-brow rockstar of near-world-renown status. He is Red Rocko, nobody really knows who he is. Or is it, that nobody knows if he exists? I can't remember, it's a bit hazy. He plays the musiks with guitar and mouth. He does real good.


Skid Mark

He plays siiic musiks when we ride, at parties and late at night — he's our DJ, so we had to give him a RatName. Oh, he also has large testis. Oh, and he rides pretty well after gigs with much vodka— we like people like that.


TOF Horsie Head

Our cherished award from Tongue Of Fire, after driving 10 tallbikes and crew 1,200km to kick arse at their Tallbike Convention.

Whoever wears the Horsie Head, represents!!!!!

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