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Tall Four Ride

As a small group of riders began to assemble at Edgars for the first Canberra spring ride of 2007 we began to misguidedly believe it was going to be a more subdued event, especially without the much appreciated antics of Bloody Mary.

Limp was the last to roll in, and it was at this point we realised that it was going to be an all tall extravaganza: Father Knob on Viral, Limp Jimmy on Disaster area, Brandi Wrekt'em on The Anachronaut, and guest star Chris G doing it in style on Penthouse. Loose Brown, Britt and Kara all came without helmets or freakbikes. At this point, Kara decides to go home. Loose and Britt take a taxi! Bizarre. This was an all-tall ride; a Tall Four Ride.

We finally decided to make a move for a comedy show at The Front, which was to be our main destination for the evening. Limp and Father led the way without hesitating when hitting the first main intersection in true composed, yet un-tamed Rat patrol style. Brandi decided to make the crossing in a more civilized manner on foot.

Having enjoyed the show at The Front, eaten food and drunk enough holy water... a random decision was made to ride to Brandi’s pad. It was Brandi's idea.

The pack launched and was off at a smooth steady pace for what was expected to be a five minute ride. Within seconds and without having said a thing, Brandi exploded from the front of the pack and was gone in a blurry haze. The pack rode on steadily in silence, with Limp finally asking “what’s farkin Brandi doing?" and "Does anyone know where we’re going??” The pack came to the logical conclusion that Wrekt'em was blasting home, to remove his newly acquired inflatable lady unit (with extra large back end) from his couch. Nuff said!!!! With mad fits of laughter, the remaining Rats desperately attempted to follow his small flashing red dot tail light into the distance. Then from nowhere, Brandi reappeared and in a holy water-induced blur and asked where the city was.

Just as we had re-grouped and worked out where we we’re going, Brandi randomly exploded again, only this time his red flashing light seemed to stop and hover inches above the roadfar ahead. Brandi had taken a fall, but as with all experienced tallbike riders, he had mastered the art of falling so that no great harm was done. By this stage, in true Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde style, Brandi’s conservative style had been thrown out the door, hitting roundabouts at full speed and without any hesitation.

Let’s just say that na innovative and more exhilarating style of locking roundabouts has been created.

All the rest of us could do, was follow Brandi’s random lead with a new found respect for the Rat that was relatively unknown until this event. After half an hour of meandering around the inner north, we finally made it to Brandi’s pad with no serious injuries. Brandi subsequently spent about 2 long hours sprawled across the toilet, cleansing himself of all Holy Water. Nice riding Rats.

And let’s just hope we see more of Random Man on the quiet streets of the city in the near future. We love it!!!!

And huuuuuuuuuuge thanks to the lovely Britt who caught cabs, hitched, and ran after us so very patiently.

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