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Summer-rats 2007

Here is a photo from Nancy of one of the by-products of the innaugural Summerrats ride! (8 stitches later, Two Humps is doing well by all accounts). The same can't be said for the blue tall bike... but i'm sure it will be up and riding again before long too!There are no photos that can really capture the hilarity of 16 rats riding tall bikes/choppers/cruisers down Lonsdale St on the Friday night of Summernats! (For those not familiar with Summernats, it was aptly described by one radio announcer as the event where petrol-heads do burnouts in cars they can't afford. Participants come to soak up the atmosphere of car fumes, burning rubber and the 'three Bs'; Beer, Boobs and Burnouts)

Surprisingly as we overtook all the cars lined up to do their lap of the street in front of huge crowds, and then took-up the street in our own right, we had no beer cans thrown at us... and mostly the reaction from the crowd was huge cheers and high-fives... as well -of course- as the obligatory "chuck a mono!!" (which Two Humps did... ending in some spilt blood...)

Definitely one of the most different rat rides yet!! Get well soon Two Humps!!

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