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Rat Patrol Oz: Phase Two

We had heard rumours of someone else making tallbikes in Canberra — it's a small town and we know lots of people, so we weren't sure whether or not to believe the rumours...

So it was... I'm in a bike shop doing a Thursday mish getting the staff to try and dig up some "old parts" from their secret stash, when a dude comes up to me and says "Gidday mate, is that your bike out the front?"

As usual, I took a breathe subconsciously, and prepared a generic answer or two: "Yes, it is". "Wow, it's cool!" — I sighed internally, as I wasn't in the mood for the usual moronic fucktard questioning... but this was no fucktard or moron! Far from it. I expected him to then ask how do you get on? or Why? or What is it?, but no, he said calmly "We make tallbikes too."

"Fuuuuuuuuck! We've heard about you!!!" Turns out we were having a Rat Ride the next night, so they (Two Humpz & Victor 2stroke) came along too! It was a great night and everybody got very drunk and laughed a lot. That was when Rat Patrol Oz went from being a circle of friends, to something else... this was the moment we had been waiting for.

Turns out, they brought Brett along (someone else we had met before on the road), who had his trike, aptly named Rat Ride!

We rode down steps and parked-in Polish Club guests...

Cold, but fun :)

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