Rat Patrol UK

Once again Europe is falling victim to rodent-borne disease. During the sixteenth century, bubonic plague swept England's countryside numerous times. At the beginning of that century, England experienced a series of mild winters, allowing infected rats and fleas, which would have normally died out in cold weather, to increase their numbers and spread disease in crowded and unsanitary urban environments. Contemporary observers estimated that rodent-spread plagues took almost 30,000 lives.

Unlike earlier epidemics, the symptoms of this modern plague are not oozing sores, bleeding lungs, delirium and painful death, but instead are manifested in unusual wheeled vehicles piloted by frenzied, delirious riders.

The first outbreak of Rat Patrol UK was discovered during summer of 2002 in the town of Ross-on-Wye, when Mr. Bennitto Chunkolini Prince of Darkness rode forth on a bicycle he calls 'Dr. Hannibal'. Other residents of the town have become infected as well.

Rat Patrol UK has made contacts with Project Bike Hotrod and Klunker League Now.

Recent Rat Patrol UK activities

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Bennito appears to have infected several accomplices with the principles of Rat Patrol:

Mr M23
Tall Martin
Rat13 &
Teatowel Phil
Kanerdog 1x1
Manfred Von Winkle
(aka Winkie)

Dr. Hannibal- if you're polite, he'll be quite civil. If you are rude to him, he'll chew your face off.

Foxy Lady


Poison Dwarf


Dream Machine

Fatback Bomber

Cedric's one-of-a-kind custom Kona Bikehotrod

Cedric's chopper, designed exactly how he wanted it.

The Longpig

Monster Dog

The Rat King

Tallmartin's Chopper

Godzuki, built as a prototype for the Tallbike Britain tour.

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