Build Day November 2004

    A late event, and a brief report . November 2004, we lured The Enemy Boneliker of Project Bikehotdog into the Ratcave with his manufactured Kona 'custom' bike. We then plied him with local cider and persuaded him to chop the sucker up. A great result, the modified version not only looks way cooler than the original, it handles loads better as well.

    Photo 1. a woried Boneliker lines up the bits.

    Photo 2, Chunko says Kill kill kill.

    Photo 3, Boneliker looks less worried.

    Photo 4, M23 looks on.

    Photo 5, M23 does the rituals

    Chunkolini entered into transplant surgery and grafted the front of a peugeot scooter onto a mountain bike to make The Rattweiler, see Tallmartin testing it's integrity.

    Overall a very succesful weekend. My neighbours were way cool about it all. 8 adults, drinking cider, throwing bikes all over the place, making lots of noise and mess as well as generally getting in the way. And not one grumpy comment. I think they are used to us at last.