Bogwart McPondlife

Bogwart Mc Pondlife AKA The Wart formerly known as Will. Was christened by his elder sister (the cow). He represents one of the lowest forms of life, the 'Teenager' do you have them in the US? They are a very strange breed who have many problems to face up to. They can only communicate in grunts, the world does owe them a living and some of them are far too good looking (I have fixed that one, wait till the front falls off his bike Ha Ha Ha).

At present he is in the process of morphing into an even lower subspecies 'The Student'. When this happens all hope will be lost, rampant boozerism and the inability to even get out of bed will take over. My hope for this lost soul is that RatPatrol will take over his life and rid him of petty distractions such as homework and assignments leading to the failing of his exams and a life of petty crime.