The Ross Rumble

    A few things to pass on, last weekend we had our first visitors from out of town. The guys from bikeHotrod came over for the day. What a hoot!! I was dreading some sad weirdos turning up, but no they were two card carrying lunatics.

    Photo the Krew, from the left, Backup, Lonebiker, Mr M23, chunkolini, and Mindstop. As we arrived for the meet we saw two cranks in labcoats putting their rigs together. Their bikes were cool, the sports model was fairly conventional but the Dark starfish (the name is also a dubious euphemism for the anus, aren't the English creative with words) was a highly dangerous original. Front wheel off a motorbike as the back wheel, disc braked and fixed wheel! And the piece de resistance a musical back pack playing the soundtrack to Reservoir Dogs and Elvis Presley. Oh and they had printed up handouts for those painful moments when you are besieged by the public. Cool.

    After an hour of carpark politics we hit the road. Were people ever confused? It is such a gas riding in a RatPack, and yes riding round in circles does seem to be obligatory, and boy does it piss people off. We had one old fool scream hysterical abuse at each one of us we passed his house, why didn't we do a RatKing outside his house.

    Photo 'A typical street etc' why is the guy with the pushchair wearing a red saucepan on his head?

    Photo ' How do I get out of here' is Mindstop 784. What a hero. Was he born with no face, does he feed on thin air, navigate by smell or in braille. Was he a victim of Dr Lecter or is he Dr Lecter. Truly a man of mystery. And boy did he confuse people.

    Photo 'Yaabaaaasssstaaad'. Well it just has to happen.

    Overall a successful mission furthering the aims of our little movement. Plans are being laid for a visit to their home town, and maybe a mass meeting of freakbikes in the summer. We are also considering getting involved in our town carnival.

    Ta Ta from Chunkolini and the boys.