Inspired by Chopper Bob's tall bike "Pidgin" Bennitto and friends created a tall bike called Godzilla

    That damn fool Chunkolini has been at it again. The bloody thing works!!!

    I was within 1/2 an inch splitting my head open on the roof!

    Basically it is the back of a Raliegh inverted with the front of another bike brazed on top. More info when it has been debugged (if I get round to it)

    The debugging process for my tall bike is probably finished. we were all trying for a name, something tall and scary eventually it arrived, Godzilla. After riding round the car park all night it was time for the first outing on Saturday. What a laugh being 9 feet tall sure does hone your traffic skills! The name Godzilla seems applicable, the number of people claiming to have seen God (whoever she is) was weird. 'God did you see that' 'Oh my God' 'Jesus Christ' etc etc it feels good to help so many people find spirituality.

    Two problems quickly arose, the bastard tried to kill me, 'Hmm the front feels a bit light, what happens if you pull on the bars', says Chunkolini next thing Kappow. I am standing on two feet holding the bike in front of me. It looked good. 'we thought you were having an accident' says some old clown. Action must be taken. One 20" front wheel later problem solved.

    Next the gearing was too low. One stupid idea later (put the wheel in the other way round so the chain can clear the stays and cross the chain over so you can pedal the right way, sounds cool. But the sucker would go backwards, luckily this plan did not get to far) get mean with a rear mech and I seem to have about 4 gears which might do the job. Tomorrow I have to ride it to work. Then we buy some nice green paint.

    MrM23 came round to bless the bike with a shot of Tequila which may have helped, but the poor lad was unable to get on in the approved method and had to use a wall mount. The photo is our first mission into town, nerve wracking.