Poison Dwarf

    Question, is this a new genus or a spinoff? all I can think of is the unridable front wheel drive rear steer thing that matt is on on the website. Or have I at last invented a new thing? I doubt it.

    Look at the quality of this fine beast, apallingly welded, bent, bashed and buggered, a death trap. I have not had so much fun for ages. It is funny to look at the earlier photos and see what damage I had to do make it ridable. A whole new aproach to the creative process. Not even a thought on workmanship or quality. I were like a man posessed.

    I can see a future in this machine, have a pull of fork and hay presto a folding freak bike to take on the bus or train.

    Poison Dwarf Mark I

    Ride? MkI, a killer. No control, 5ft max distance.

    Poison Dwarf Mark II

    MkII shorten fork add upright bars, goes straight wont turn without slamming over, a killer max 10 feet.

    Poison Dwarf Mark III

    mkIII as seen already (shorten forks again de rake frame), not to bad can do figure eights just. MkIV no photo yet shorten fork again derake the steering again see detail shot. add higher, wider, more forwards bars to take tension off my arms and I may take it out on the streets tomorrow. On the brink of being 'Practical Transport'. This state involves a 3 mile ride to fetch Cider, crossing a main road climbing 2 hills and surviving the return trip.

    What a gas.