Rat Patrol UK

Rat Patrol Oz experiences life in Ross on Wye

    RatpatrolUk have hosted another transcontinental visitor, Dan aka Loosebrown of Ratpatrol Oz.

    The visit went with a bang, he may even get his hearing back eventually.

    What a sucker!!!! we had arranged to a 'Bladderwalk' a long lost tradition in which you walk the parish with a pigs bladder on stick prior to burning the bladder.

    'Hey says Chunko we cant get pigs bladders these days so we have to use balloons. M23 takes Dan upstairs for a moment from the Ratcave, Chunko pops back to the ratcave for a minute to 'check' something. During which he fills the balloons with acetylene/oxygen mix (60/40).

    The balloons are paraded through town by the bemused australian, who asks why have we got the extension on the pole?

    M23 lights the rag on the floor and makes a run for it. 'Hey says Dan are these balloons filled with acetylene?'

    'Lower the bladder' says M23 in portentous tones. Dan lowers the bladder


    Check out the photo of Dan seconds after the blast in a cloud of smoke, note Chunko is on the floor by now laughing like a maniac.

    The first photo is about a millisecond before the blast.

    Of course following this experiment we had to reproduce the effect, several times. The grand finale involved 8 acetalloons in a culvert, caught on film with sound, awsome if anybody wants a copy I can send it on, it is a big file 3mb, but funny.

    Of course I should point out that this is a dangerous and extremely stupid activity and should only be carried out by qualified adults who have been drinking cider.

    A series of further experiments are planned, involving projection weapons, and possibly the town drainage system. We will of course keep you up to speed on developments.