St. Ratrick's Day

photographs by Matt the Rat, Eeeee, Mutiny, Alexis Ellers, Jon Horner, ???

This year we had the biggest St. Ratrick's Day ever, in terms of attendance by other clubs. There was grilling out, stupid stunts, long rides, jousting, parade crashing, and one broken back. Good times!

To start the week we rode down to 100th street to crash the south side parade with the Wacky Wheeler...

Then we had a drunken ride where we rode around, among other things, in a giant pile of trash. Then somebody got too drunk and fell in the river and broke their back on the ice. I had to pull out and we both almost drowned. Just another day in bike club!

Then we had the traditional grillout and ride...

This year's new event was whiplash:

The Sweethearts had a cakewalk, and of course everybody got cake all over them.

Later that night there was some jousting...

Check out these hot injuries:

Sunday was the Real St. Patrick's Day parade in Pilsen with the Lampreys. Much fun was had by all!

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