St. Ratrick's Day

The St. Ratrick's Day Parade

Sunday was a beautiful day, but it began with disaster. Pinky (tall tadpole trike flagship of the Human Television Network crashed and burned at the end of the runway, tipping as it came down into the street and dumping its pilot and crew. The HTN stayed behind to stop their bleeding. The Rats and Klunker League Now rode down to Pilsen with the stereo system to meet up with the Lampreys and Environmental Encroachment.

Despite our frantic and typically late departure, we found we were about three hours early. It seems that waiting for a parade is becoming a St. Ratrick's day tradition. Folks were cookin up sausage and assembling the keg-bike.

Lovely older ladies showed a lot of gam in their green getups. There was a pedal-powered wheelchair, a mobile bonfire, a rolling cage with a leprechaun in it, and The Keg of the Unknown Catholic Schoolgirl: What appeared to be a shrine but if you pulled the crucifix beer came out.

When it all got rolling, the marching band played and the kegbike crashed on the runway and we all had a lovely illegal march down 18th street. Beer + Tall homemade pennyfarthings + bonfire surrounded by jagged metal = many close scrapes with a horrible death consisting of impalement followed by roasting.

Then we went back for a party, with cybernetic angel mannequins with circular saw and scythe arms swinging around the drunken partiers and a photo booth with a fancy backdrop and I lost some money at poker and won some of it back and they tell me I kicked a baby but I don't remember any baby.

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