St. Ratrick's Day

Build Days

We held two build days for St. Ratrick's, one to prepare bikes for the week and one as part of the festivities. The first was held at the newly completed West Town Bikes shop.

We started work on two or three death pixies, Scaredy Rat made a nice nipper out of an old Batmobile bike, Dr. Kludge completed and then wrecked the nearly-unrideable tallchopper Frosty, K-Bunny re-chopped her ex's chopper and thus claimed it for herself, Thunderrat built a tallbike, and Bikefreeek put the finishing touches on the Schwinn Towers: His fancy-pants tallbike with all the snooty-boots accessories like "brakes" and "speeds".

Can you spot the Squeaky in this picture?

Scaredy Rat dropped some slag on her jeans and they caught fire. The sight of her frantic "I'm on fire!" dance gave us all a hearty "Ha ha! You're on fire!" laugh that is becoming the trademark of Rat Patrol activities. Then K-Bunny picked up a glowing red chopper fork straight off the welder and cooked her hand to a nice crisp. Good times!

The second build day was a christening just like the first. This time it was in the 2-car garage of carless J. Stanley Pepper, our Field Medical Officer. We put a couple of tallbikes together and completed the death pixies.

Power to the garage was delivered by a single extension cord. The only light we had was an overhead projector.

We were treated to the company of C.H.V.N.K. 666, who sat around drinking beer and making snarky comments. I hope one day we all end up drinking in wheelchairs at the Old Freakbiker's Home.

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