St. Ratrick's Day





2012 commemorates 10 years of St. Ratrick's Day. The ride started out at the Logan Square Monutment and headed northwest to a cook out.

This year, we introduced the new 'pin the tail on the donkey'-style game: "Pin the Colors on Surly"

Things got classy with a St. Ratick's Day photobooth

The first stop was for an easter egg hunt; some were good prizes while others were pictures of butts or powdered sugar bombs

The ride continued southeast towards the green river, (green refers to the color, not in an advert-speak eco-friendly way)

Whiplash was at one of our favorite spots down by the chocolate factory, where the delicious smell almost covers up our odor and makes you forget just how much you got hurt

Then we headed down to Lower Wacker, near the impound lot for tall bike jousting. The tow-truck driver called all the other trucks to watch our modern medieval tomfoolery. Some people ended up falling into Allen's piss that spelled out 'Rat Patrol'.

Since everyone likes watching people fall off tall bikes, we had ourselves a slow tall bike race

Yly started showing off because he thought he was going to win and ended up falling, leaving Danny the victor

We traversed the tunnels until finally the path to the McCormick Place bus corridor was found. Our own private street to ride where ever we wanted...

Getting out was another story. We ended up going all the way to Cermak street.

We finally made it all the way back to Logan Square where a piñata awaited, filled with glitter and special 10th anniversary Ratrick's patches adorned with an X on them. We also found a way to make the polo kids feel special; hitting the cock with a mallet.