Rebel in the Ashcan

Ah, the noble rat! Here lives and dies the resourceful creature: In the hidden places of our city and imagination. Creeping through the cracks he ekes out a meager existence under the cloak of night’s darkness. A rebel in the ashcan, he uses the only tools accessible to him in his struggle against the forces that would exterminate him and his ideas. Eternally vigilant, he looks for danger and finds it. He has no friends in the city. Who will befriend the rat? The rat will laugh at your offer of friendship for he knows that the only thing of any value that you have to offer him is your discarded refuse. The rat fears the group. A group of rats triggers only one response: Mass revulsion. Extermination follows. Rats are solitary and elusive as a result. To travel in a pack is to invite detection. The rat is a guerrilla. He attacks swiftly and disappears into the jungle whence he came. Do not look for you will not find. Learn from him: Travel the alleys, stay in the shadows, live with trash, be a Rebel In The Ashcan!

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