Rat Patrol Guidelines

  1. Being an Anarchist group there will be no attempt to enforce or follow any sort of Stated Ideology. Anyone who breaks this rule will go before a Peer Board Review and suffer the immediate punishment of exclusion from the Collective.
  2. Whereas the Organization will function exclusively as a Leaderless Democracy any member found to be coercing or coaxing either intentionally or unintentionally, the direction and/or belief system of the Collective shall stand before the Council and accept the punishment of submission from said Collective as demanded by the Regents.
  3. Insofar as we are an Anarchist Organization we are bound to the “concept” of free and open elections. In compliance with this precept it is the duty of all Voting Members to cast one and only one vote in the event that an election is deemed necessary. After all members have voted the Election Judge will tally the results. In the event that the vote is not unanimous a special meeting of the Council will convene and decide on the proper course of action.
  4. As a result of the power of influence We possess it is vital to present a unified and consistent ideological “face” to our adversaries and sympathizers alike. In order to avoid conflicting ideas or the appearance of such a conflict it is imperative that all members act in accord with the stated beliefs and values agreed upon by the voting members themselves. All ideas, slogans, tracts created for the purpose of the dissemination of our beliefs and values, any song, poem, story or any other creative endeavor realized as a response to or inspired by our values and beliefs, any information pertaining to or documentation of the Collective’s values and beliefs or any of the Collective’s activities, stunts or performances as dispersed by any means or media including all electronic and mechanical methods must have prior approval by the board of directors before they may be presented publicly and/or privately as accepted dogma.

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