In October 2003, Rat Patrol received the following communique from enthusiastic Rat Patrol fans in West Africa:

This is Mrs Vandasa and Mrs.Bridget form switzerland but presently we are in Nigeria for a business proposal on Sports development in Nigeria.We are interested in purchasing your goods and all we want you to do is to get back to us with your last offering price so that payment will be made to you fast.We will love to see some pics,

Good day,
We just saw your advert on the web and as regards to the "Chopper" and We will want to know the least offer for the "Choppers". and the exact condition .
2.... This is a long distance buyer, We will want to know if you can ship to west Africa, We will also want to tell you that the payment will be made to you in America. We will also appreciate photograph of the ........and the present condition+your asking price.
3... To get you clarified on this payment, we executed some projects there in America and our Associates are indebted to us as regard our contract, and as such We will want them to make out the amount we've been owed to you, why? because a check sent from abroad will take not less than 31 working days to clear the bank in Africa whilst if the check is issued and drawn on American bank it will take less than 48hrs to clear the bank. We want to know if this payment method is okay by you before we instruct our Asssociates to send you the payment. But beleive you and us this is about the easiest and the most convenient way we could send you the payment.

Dear Mrss. Vandasa & Bridget,

Thanks for your note. As per your request, please find attached herewith several photos of our "choppers". At this time, all our products are available free (yes, free) with the sole requirement that interested parties parner with us in materials acquisition and product development.

The Rat Patrol outfit is strategically placed to leverage access to extraction of our most abundant urban natural resource: trash, which is free and readily available on every street corner and back alley. Shipping and handling costs are negligible, since this resource is usually accessed in each local market. Regional requirements may vary, but our program is easily adaptable to most local configurations and needs.

We encourage all future business partners to make every effort to tap into this untapped market in order to produce unknown wealth in newly invented
transportation vehicles. We will gladly partner with all interested parties to show how a few simple steps can produce incredible results. With an input of zero
dollars, using our unique methods and models, we confidently expect at least a 250% ROI. Tell me what other operation can garantee such an output! Let us show you how!

Through our educational seminars and inspirational web-based forums, we provide access to materials and know-how to make your "chopper" needs a reality.

Thank you for this opportunity to share our unique vision,

Matt the Rat
Rat Patrol

After this exchange we lost contact with our Nigerian partners. We hope they succeed in their bicycle endeavors.