The Rat Patrol recommends these fine features:


A claustrophobic film about the Darwinian future of urban life. What starts out as a happy ant farm of rats quickly becomes a distopian apocalypse when resources and living space run out. And thats just the beginning of the film, before the various rodent extermination techniques are demonstrated! This one is not for the squeamish! Many, many, many rats were harmed in the making of this feature. Still, if you can stomach the pain and suffering by our furry friends, you will be astounded by their relentless drive and courage in the face of terrible odds and the pitiful efforts of humans to stop the legions of rats.

Directed by: Gilles Thérien
1973 - 56 min.


A hilarious documentary examining the good-humored battle between humans and rats in New York City. In this turf war, most New Yorkers seem ready to give in to the cute antics of the rodents, despite the dire warnings of city health experts. One sincere bureaucrat implores that it is city law that you do not have to share living space with rodent infestations, but most residents seem perfectly willing to invite the rats into their homes in this film. Everyone's got a rat story in New York City, and there are some great ones in this movie, along with dramatic rat's-eye-view footage of the subways and sewers. A must-see from the director of Cane Toads and other offbeat natural history features.

Directed by Mark Lewis
1999 - 56 min.

The Gleaners and I

A charming and poetic essay on scavenging in modern society from French filmaker Agnes Varda. Beginning with ancient origins of the needy gleaning grain left after harvest, we are lead by Varda here and there across France to visit folks who live by dumpster diving and artists making work from discarded objects. The film is an exploration of the fringes and back alleys inhabited by cast-offs of modern industrial society. An inspiring and compassionate film, no doubt you'll be compelled to go out gleaning tonight.

Directed by Agnes Varda
2001 - 82 min.

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An atmospheric and campy parable starring Crispin Glover as the tortured and lonely Willard in this remake of the 1970s horror film. When his boss humiliates him one time too many, Willard half-heartedly opens the door to a Pandora's box of rats from the basement of his subconscious. Well, you can imagine what happens next, so just sit back and enjoy the thrills as a flood of thousands of rats swarm over Willards enemies and threaten to drown even himself. Will Willard conquer his fears of authority using his new-found subversive powers and get the girl, or will he fall off the abyss of his obsessions into crawling, squirming, squeaking insanity? You'll have to watch to find out.

Directed by Glen Morgan

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Lords of the Chain Ring

An independent short film depicting a typical day in the life of a chopper rider: rescuing damsels in distress, riding proud and defending freedom. Watch it on YouTube.

Directed by Adam Katzman & Zach Lihatsh
2002 - 7 min.


Charming big-budget animated feature that still betrays a certain respect for the gritty lives of city rats. This stylish and humorous film is a plea for passion in creativity: Are we meant for a fearful existence of scraping by on scraps? Or of creating daring and inspiring works of art from the humble materials at hand?

Directed by Brad Bird & Jan Pinkava
2007 - 106 min.