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Raticles, various articles and interviews with Rat Parol

Riding with the Rat Patrol
Another Columbia student comes to the Barberchop and tries to figure out what Rat Patrol is all about with a 2 hour interview, 2012

Get to Know a Member of the Rat Patrol
Yly describes his dream of driving a garbage truck to become the unlitmate dumpster diver, 2012

Max Astell’s Home-made Bikes Are Small, Tall and Fun for All
The Jeeferson chapter gets a little press, 2011

The Chain Gang
Nashville Scene digs deep into the Nashville chapter and gets them evicted from their house, 2008

Freak Bikes!
"John Edel likes bicycles so much he rides two of them" Chicago Tribune, 2005

Chain Gangs
Two wheels is all it takes to get in gear with Chicago's freewheeling bike scene, 2005

Mule Magazine V5.
A brief Johnny Payphone interview

Johnny Joins the Freak-Bike Gang
The Chicago Reader Johnny Payphone tell all, 2004

Reglar Wiglar #19
An interview with Matt the Rat by C. Bales, 2003

Rat Patrol Social Medias

Rat Patrol Chicago's Blog

Rat Patrol Nashville's Blog

Rat Patrol Chicago's Facebook Fan Page

Rat Patrol Nashville's Facebook Fan Page

Alley Connoisseur
A Gentleman's Guide to Trashy Thoroughfares

Atomic Zombie
Fantastic tall bikes, unicycles, and robotics from Canada

Chicago Freak Bike
Many strange bikes roam the streets of Chicago

Cruiser and chopper club from L.A.

Chunk 6.6.6.
Well known trash bike chopper club in Portland

Who put on a wild human powered Bike Rodeo

C.R.U.D - Chopper Riding Urban Dwellers
Chopper club in San Francisco

Dead Baby Bikes
Seattle bike club with innumerable home-made contraptions

DMOZ Chopper Listings
More chopper clubs listed here

Klunker League Now
Sponsors of the annual Klunker Klassic downhill trash bike race

Louisiana Bicycle Festival
Inspiring novelty bikes at the UCM Museum in Abita Springs

Elaborate sci-fi military chopper club

Tall Bike Posse
A loose confederation of riders that do it from a different perspective.

West Town Bikes
West Town Bikes is a community bicycle learning workshop in Chicago.

Zombie Bikes
a now defunct Flordia club

Bike Club Series Index
Alexis' Photography from many Rat Patrol events

Bicycle Museum of America
Which was once located in Chicago

Chicago Critical Mass

Network for exchanging used stuff

Found Magazine
A showcase of found ephemera that opens a window into other lives

The Rathole Museum
We're still waiting expectently for the museum to open

Rats and Their Control
From an exterminators point of view

Rats in the Nations Capital
Real Audio NPR story containing the overwrought phrase: "thin-tailed cancerous tumor-covered rats." More alarmist, anti-rat propaganda from Washington.

Is A Helmet Worth It?
Effect of brain injuries on body functions.