† ISAI MEDINA 1955 - 2006 †

Isai was well-known in Chicago for his elaborate home-made choppers featuring dozens of blinkie lights, as well as stereos and sirens. While many cyclists knew him, not many knew him well.

Occasionally Isai joined us on rat rides through the alleys, like this time in March 2005. But mostly he rode his choppers around town, to his work as an engineer, or to Navy Pier, where the security guards gave him special permission to bring the bike inside. He was a reserved man but these extravagant bikes were his passion. If you'd ask about his bike, you catch a gleam in his eyes, he loved showing off his handiwork.

Isai was killed by a drunk driver while riding his chopper home from work just before midnight Jan 4, 2006. We will miss his smile and good nature.